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The Crandall Difference

Crandall Corporate Dietitians provides expert local dietitians with years of clinical experience, just like you would expect; however, it is everything else you get for your money that sets us apart — that's the Crandall Difference

The Crandall Difference works to your advantage. Find out why the three largest assisted living chains in America and dozens of other Assisted Living and Long-Term Care chains utilize Crandall for consulting dietitian services. Take a look at these pages to learn more about the products and services we offer or contact us today for personalized attention.

Look Who's
Using Crandall

“I have been running the kitchen here at Perinton Park since 1998 and can honestly tell you that these have been the most well rounded and best tasting menus we have ever served.”
— Donna Heckman
Perinton Park Manor
Fairport, NY