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Crandall Corporate Dietitians is the nation's largest provider of dietary consulting and menu services to nursing homes, long-term care facilities, assisted living communities and hospitals across 48 states. Founded in 1966 by Linda Crandall, and with current headquarters in Mesa, AZ, Crandall Corporate Dietitians is honored to be working with some of the best LTC and AL chains in the country.

Crandall's mission is to deliver unsurpassed service, with loyalty and integrity as our cornerstones. We strive to continually exceed our customers' expectations by providing comprehensive and leading-edge clinical and management systems and specialized menu programs. We employ superior dietitians who share our vision of excellence. We help define what excellence is in long-term care and assisted living facilities throughout the United States.
Corporate Address
1930 N. Arboleda Suite 101
Mesa, AZ 85213
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 31060
Mesa, AZ 85275-1060

Chief Executive Officer
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Linda, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, founded Crandall Corporate Dietitians in 1966 and is the CEO. Through the years Linda has been instrumental in developing thorough, comprehensive and cutting edge clinical and management systems for Assisted Living and Long-Term Care communities. The growth and development of the dietitians, the staff who work with her and the dietary personnel in the communities have been her passion. Most important to Linda, however, is her religious convictions and her love for her wonderful family, which includes five children and 23 grandchildren.
Chief Operating Officer
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As Chief Operating Officer, Jon cultivates corporate partnerships and relationships, specializes in oversight of Crandall's Assisted Living communities, and provides direction, leadership and training for our national network of Divisional and Regional dietitians. After graduating from Johnson & Wales University with a Bachelor's degree in Culinary Nutrition, he went on to become a registered dietitian. He was born and raised just outside of Boston, Massachusetts and is married to the love of his life, Darlene. Jon enjoys cooking, hiking, sports and technology. As dietitians and nutritionists, it is our responsibility to nurture and enhance people's lives through food and education.

Vice President, Staff Development

As the Vice President of Staff Development, Sue is responsible for training Crandall dietitians. She is involved in all areas of training including being the voice of our video tutorials, phone consultations for new and ongoing trainees and on site visits wherever needed. With her years of experience serving in communities and energetic personality, Sue provides effective, relatable instruction.
Vice President, Clinical Services

Michael provides assistance to both Long Term Care and Assisted Living dietitians, offering professional support and helping to resolve the multitude of concerns that occur on a daily basis.
He was born and raised in Southeastern Kentucky. He received his Bachelor's degree in Science from Morehead State University. In addition, he earned a Master's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Central Michigan University. He enjoys spending time playing checkers, watching Jeopardy as well as Fox News, exercising and playing or listening to music.

Human Resources / Recruiting
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As Human Resources Director / Office Manager, Debra recruits and places consulting dietitians for Crandall's Assisted Living and Long-Term Care communities across the country; as well as coordinates the training of new registered dietitians and transitioning them into their communities. She handles corporate proposals and contracts. Debra manages the Crandall Corporate office with customer service as her number one priority. She has been married for 38 years and has two children and three grandchildren.
Administrative Support Manager
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When you call the Crandall office Michelle will probably be the one that answers the phone and will make sure you are directed to the correct Crandall professional to handle your needs. Michelle was born and raised in Idaho, moving to Arizona 25 years ago. She has worked as a flower shop manager for the last 20 years and joined the Crandall staff in March of 2009. Michelle and her husband of 33 years have 4 adult children and 2 beautiful grandchildren. Michelle's interests and hobbies include spending time with her family, spoiling the grandkids, all outdoor recreation, scuba diving, traveling, gardening, cooking, and reading.
Office Assistant
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DeAnn provides audit reporting support, tracking / following up on State Specific and Missing Quarterly reports, Red Flag call schedule coordination, assists with recruiting, incoming calls and special projects. DeAnn is currently working on her bachelor’s degree and majoring in Health Science. She is a native of Arizona and loves spending her extra time running, hiking, cooking and taking vacations with her husband, Westin.
Administrative Assistant
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Biography soon to come...

President & Chief Financial Officer
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As President and CFO, Rich oversees all finances, marketing, technology and facilities for the company founded by his mother in 1966. Rich graduated summa cum laude with his Master of Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame and a Bachelors degree in Accountancy from Brigham Young University. Rich is also the President and Founder of CN Resource, a national consulting firm that helps oversee child nutrition programs for the USDA. CN Resource is the creator of CN Menus, a web based program used to write school menus. In his life outside work and home, Rich served as a member of the Arizona State Senate where he chaired the Education Committee, responsible for the universities, colleges and K-12 schools throughout the State of Arizona.
Vice President, Menu Services & Technology
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As Vice President of Menu Services & Technology, Nancy coordinates administration of Crandall menus and the Crandall Web Center which includes sales, marketing, customer service and web-based Documents/Manuals/Quiz management. She is also responsible for website development and server support (design, development, training and support) for the Crandall websites. She has a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts/Education/Office Sciences. Her computer and technology experience was developed through the fields of Healthcare Information Technology, publishing, non-profits, agriculture and retail. Originally from the upper Midwest, Nancy and Rick and their Yorkie, Molly, prefer the Arizona sun.
Vice President, Menu Development
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Terry is the Vice President of Menu Development. She leads a menu team that creates and tests new recipes, updates multiple menus seasonally and develops all dietary components for menus to all care types; assuring regulatory compliance. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona, a registered dietitian and has over 20 years of public and private food service management experience. Outside of the workplace, Terry's interests include traveling, baking and persuing a new found challenge in running.

Senior Menu Services Specialist

Suzie specializes in administration of Crandall's Menu, TrayCard and Weight Management customers by providing customer service and support, training on all the online products; coordinating the menu products' billing, invoicing and Accounts Receivable; and marketing projects. Her attention to detail and repoire with customers are greatly appreciated. She first started with CN Resource, our sister company, before joining our Crandall team. Suzie is a transplant from southern California where she graduated from UCLA's Interior and Environmental Design program. A few of her favorite things are sewing, Jane Austen and SteamPunk. She also thinks Pink is the best color in the universe.
Menu Services Specialist

Diana specializes in administration of Crandall's Menu, TrayCard and Weight Management customers by providing customer service and support, training on all the online products, coordinating seasonal menu releases and maintaining training and marketing materials. Diana graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Dietetics. Her childhood Diabetes diagnosis helped to teach her how to use nutrition to stabilize her blood sugars. She was raised in a health-conscious household which also influenced her passion for health and nutrition. Diana's hobbies include dancing, swimming, baking and singing.
Menu Development Specialist
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Debbie works in the menu department developing and adapting recipes, menus and other products for our customer base. In addition, she is also the Crandall vendor liaison for manufacturers, distributors and brokers. Debbie is a Registered Dietitian with substantial experience in food service management and nutritional database applications. Professional associations she participates in are the American Dietetic Association, Food and Culinary Professionals and Dietitians in Business and Communications. Family activities include swimming, baseball, theatre and movie time, while reading and shopping are the perfect stress relievers. When at home she loves to collect and test new recipes, while tinkering with existing favorites. She's told her chocolate chip cookies never taste the same twice, but they always disappear quickly.
Crandall Web Center Director
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Stefani Schmuker is the newest member of the Crandall Corporate Dietitians team. As Director of the Crandall Web Center (CWC), she assists corporations, communities, and dietitians with the use of and access to Crandall’s leading-edge clinical and management systems. Her primary areas of responsibility are customer service, report tracking, and CWC trainings. Born and raised in the lovely state of Arizona, Stefani's hobbies include: baking, photography, and hunting. She has been married for five years to her husband, Tracy, and they have two young boys.
Customer Service & Accounts Receivables
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Ina Kay joined the Crandall team in April 2013. She provides customer service assistance and manages all accounts receivables for Crandall. Ina Kay was born and raised in northern Colorado and raised her family in Colorado Springs. She has two adult children and moved to Gilbert Arizona in 2006. Ina Kay is active in her church and teaches Water Aerobics. She loves spending time with her grandson, playing board games, crafting, hiking, reading, and singing.
Menu Development Specialist
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Garett is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University in the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering. He joined the Crandall team in 2013 and has worked in several departments including the Crandall Web Center, Menu Services, and Menu Development. He assisted in the successful implementation of the Crandall Web Center document management system and is currently involved in maintaining and auditing recipe information for the Menu and TrayCard systems. As part of meeting requirements for his degree, Garett is also interning part-time with Crandall’s software developer, Barry Gilitiuk. In his free time, he enjoys music, sports, and programming.