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ala Carte Menus

Crandall's ala Carte Menus are everything you need in a menu program. Our seasonal menus are developed to be used in any community whether Long-Term Care, Assisted Living, Independent Living, a hospital or other care types.

The integrated characteristics of the menus provide detailed, effective and real-time reports. Our consulting services and systems work in tandem with the menus creating additional layers of support and resources. This family of services is the Crandall difference for hundreds of customers nation-wide.

ala Carte Menus are a complete package. Every menu whether in online or hardcopy format includes a Week at a Glance, recipes, spreadsheets, production sheets, purchasing guides, daily postings and other reports to assist your kitchen in running smoothly.
Week at a Glance is the posting of the menu for residents, guests and employees. For basic-style menus (Parsley, Mint), the report is available with or without the Suggested Alternate entrees. For fine dining-style menus (Sage, Thyme, Rosemary), the report automatically prints with Alternates.
Spreadsheet displays the diet extensions and tells HOW to serve each meal item for the regular diet and to those requiring therapeutic diets. It is one of the most critical reports for the dietary staff. Meal items are listed according to their plate definition within the meal. Their diet specifications are extended to the right. When regular diet items may be served to a therapeutic diet, an "X" appears for that diet. If items are not appropriate to serve, or modifications are necessary, details are indicated on the report.
Production Sheet tells HOW MUCH to prepare of each meal item for every diet. Items are listed according to Entrée, Condiment, Beverage, Side item and Dessert. The last column - # Leftover – will help determine adjustments to number of portions. Two temperature columns are included which allow temperatures and production numbers to be kept in one place.
Prep and Pull provides a listing of all the items that need to be prepped for the next day and/or pulled from the freezer for meal preparation three days ahead. On the Parsley and Mint menus, Suggested Alternate entrees items are in italics.
Master Ingredient List presents the ingredients by category with their suggested pack size and suggested pricing. Blank columns are included for distributor-specific information: pricing, pack size, product ID# and brand name.
Purchase Order Guide lists the amount of every item needed to purchase in order to run the menu. Items are listed by food category and include the ingredient name, vendor #, pack size, amount required, amount on hand and amount needed to order.
Nutritional Analysis supplies a nutrition breakdown of each diet for every day of the menu; as well as a weekly average. Items that are Alternates or Suggested Alternate entrees are not included in the analysis.
Food Pyramid Verification compares the 1996 Food Guide Pyramid to the menu. This report is used in menu planning and offers daily food group totals as well as totals for the week overall. Totals highlighted in red indicate a food group is not meeting recommendations. Items that are Alternates or Suggested Alternates are not included in the comparison.