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Join us for an Industry Seminar on IDDSI and PDPM

Sponsored by Crandall Corporate Dietitians and Simply Thick

Friday, November 8, 2019
8:00 am - 2:00 pm
East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT), Mesa AZ

Regional Consultants

“I have always found Linda and her consultants to be professional and extremely knowledgeable about state, federal and Joint Commission regulations. If a community is having an annual or abbreviated survey, Linda's associates are the first to get to the building and ‘roll up their sleeves’ to assist.”
— Melanie Seamans
Former SW Division VP
Life Care Centers of America
Our team of professional and dedicated Regional Dietitians provide an additional layer of customer support. The Regional Dietitian team functions as a liaison between our customers and the Crandall Corporate office. This network is the essential link that allows us to provide quick response to critical needs, maintain connections with local Crandall consultants and keep up to date with the latest regulations. The Crandall Regional team continually strives for excellence and believes that together we can do something extraordinary.

Local Consultants The heart of Crandall consulting services is the Registered Dietitian. The number one priority of the Crandall Dietitian is to promote and maintain resident health and safety.
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Crandall Corporate Team Our customers expect the best and our Corporate team provides the foundation for us to exceed their expectations.
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