Community Services

Crandall provides unique, supportive services to communities through our consulting dietitians.

Put your residents' nutritional care in expert hands. Explore the many services and benefits Crandall Consultants provide to their communities:

Local Consulting Dietitian

Crandall hires and trains registered dietitians who know your local area and understand the culture. More than just dietitians, our consultants are reinforced and trained by a corporate team of experts in nutrition, budget, regulations, operations, and sanitation; you truly get the power of a team in one dietitian!

Continuous Training

The senior living industry is in a constant state of evolution with new regulations, updated practices, and varying customer needs. We are dedicated to providing continuing education and training through multiple channels to all Crandall dietitians and community staff members.

Quality Assurance Audits

We conduct a thorough audit of five key areas including sanitation, meal service, nutritional assessment, staff development, and budgeting. Scores are tracked over time to identify trends. For more information about our audit services, please contact us.

Long-Term Care Pre-Survey Audits

Before your annual state or federal survey, we conduct a detailed audit of the entire dietary department. Any areas deemed unsatisfactory receive a plan of correction along with training and in-service materials necessary to address deficiencies. We can also conduct audits outside of the survey window for your communities to use as a tool for continuous improvement.

Survey Support

Crandall helps you before. during, and after your federal and state surveys, Our consultants work with you to implement effective quality assurance programs and ensure survey readiness. We are available to provide support during surveys and assist with a plan of correction.

Live Crandall Support

We’re here for you. Call our corporate office to connect with a dietitian who can answer your questions.

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